Sojern is a digital marketing platform that specializes in travel advertising. Their platform uses real-time data to help travel companies reach and engage with potential customers across various online channels, such as search engines, social media, and travel websites.

what we did
  • Webflow Development
  • UI / Visual Design
  • Wireframes / UX
  • Discovery
  • UX Audit
  • Strategy
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Sojern tablet mockup images
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How we helped Sojern soar to new heights with a website redesign

When Sojern came to us with their website woes, we knew we had to take them to new heights. With a need for information architecture and wireframes for their new website design, we quickly identified a significant challenge: the previous strategy was set by someone who had flown the coop, leaving the website feeling anything but robust.

To make matters worse, their previous website wasn’t cutting it in terms of converting users to customers or improving the user experience. But with our help, was able to take flight with a new strategy that focused on different client verticals and ensured a better user experience. The end result? A website that’s soaring with success and converting users left and right. Let’s just say we helped them spread their wings and fly!

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Working with 59er Digital was fast and easy! The 59er Digital team took our company through a full website redesign as we rebranded. They were great to collaborate with and fast to respond to questions and bugs as we approached launch day. The best part is, 30-days after launch, the team is still available to help with any leftover bugs or questions we have. We’ll definitely be looking to grow our relationship with 59er Digital going forward.
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Laura Barker
Senior Creative Manager
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Taking Sojern Under Our Wing: Our Solution

When Sojern came to us for help with their website, we knew that a comprehensive discovery session was the best way to get to the heart of their business and marketing strategy. We delved into topics like their buyer personas, brand positioning statement, and value proposition, identifying key points of pain for both the client and their customers and figuring out how to address them to meet their business goals.

Our client agreed this was the best solution and put their trust in our everyday processes for this project.

From creating a sitemap and user journey to ideation, wireframes, visual design, and development in Webflow, we ensured that every step of the process was tailored to the needs of Sojern.

The result? A website that’s taking flight with a strategic, comprehensive approach designed to help Sojern spread their wings and reach new heights. Thanks to our expert guidance, Sojern is ready to soar above the competition and reach new heights in their industry.

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Discovering the Heart of Sojern: Our Comprehensive Approach

At the heart of every successful project is a comprehensive discovery phase, and that’s exactly what we did for Sojern. We knew that to understand their business needs and goals fully, we needed to dig deep and uncover all the details they might have missed during our initial call.

Our discovery process examined their buyer personas, marketing strategy, brand positioning statement, and value proposition. Luckily, the client had already completed an exercise on most of these topics, which helped to fast-track our understanding of their business.

But we didn’t stop there. We also conducted a thorough UX audit of their old site, analyzing what worked and what didn’t. We deeply explored their analytics to determine user behaviour patterns and identify potential drop-off points.

This research culminated in a detailed document outlining our findings and recommendations, including ideas and opportunities for improving the website. With our comprehensive approach to discovery, we were able to truly get to the heart of Sojern and deliver a website that meets their unique needs and goals.

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Illuminating the Way Forward: Our Strategic Ideation Process

At our agency, every successful website is built on a foundation of strategic thinking. That’s why we prioritize ideation sessions with our clients right from the start. Through these sessions, we gain a deeper understanding of the users’ pain points, which can be just as enlightening for our clients as it is for us.

Our ideation process often leads to discovering small but significant behavioural nudges that can make all the difference in driving conversions.

Using subtle psychological prompts, we can inform, involve, and steer users towards actions that align with our client’s business goals.

With our strategic approach, we can illuminate the way forward for our clients and deliver effective and impactful websites.

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From Doodles to Designs: Our Wireframing Journey

We’re sticklers for high-fidelity wireframes and are not ashamed to admit it. Before we even think about putting pen to paper for branding and design, we craft a clear roadmap for the website’s navigation and content. Our wireframes for Sojern were so good they should have been framed.

But it’s not just about pretty pictures (although ours are quite stunning). The real benefit of wireframing is the collaborative input it allows. It’s like a creative brainstorming session where everyone gets to contribute and share ideas. And since we’re experts at turning doodles into designs, the end result is always a coherent content flow and logical progression.

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Bringing Sojern’s Brand to Life with Unique and Trendy Design

Collaborating with Sojern’s team was a pleasure, as they came to us with a mini brand guideline they were exploring. We introduced a few elements to bring the brand to life and elevate their SaaS business identity while moving away from their previous digital marketing focus.

One of the key elements we introduced to the website design was more product imagery, helping to highlight Sojern’s offerings and capabilities to their customers.

We also incorporated diagonal shapes and patterns, creating a unique and trendy feel that separates Sojern from their competitors.

The addition of carefully selected icons and images throughout the site helped to complement the layout and added a new dynamic to the design. We also added a subtle drop shadow effect to certain elements that created a 3D effect, giving users an engaging and interactive experience. The end result was a visually striking and cohesive design that perfectly represented Sojern’s brand vision and goals.

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Cracking the Code: Behind the Scenes of Sojern’s Web Development

As the web development team behind Sojern’s website, we faced our fair share of challenges. Our main goal was to streamline the website’s elements and reuse existing sections wherever possible while keeping the site customizable for future updates.

One particularly tricky element was the header diamond image, which required us to painstakingly perfect the image orientation and block placement to ensure consistency across desktop screens. We also had to ensure that the various shapes throughout the site remained uniform and responsive to different screen sizes.

When creating the CMS collections, we prioritized an understandable field naming convention for the client’s ease of use. However, the process became even more complex when we had to upload their old content via CSV, and we had to ensure that all the data was redirected to the correct places to display correctly. We even had to flex our Excel skills to ensure the data was perfect for upload.

But through it all, we persevered and cracked the code of Sojern’s web development. Now their website runs smoothly and showcases their brand in the best possible light.

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Sojern: A Match Made in MVP Heaven

Our team had a blast working on this project for Sojern! We launched their MVP website on time by following our tried-and-true processes, which allowed us to craft a strategy to help Sojern generate more leads.

Collaborating with the Sojern team was a dream come true. We loved bouncing ideas off of each other and finding ways to push the limits of design. Despite some tricky challenges, we managed to create a stunning new marketing website that’s strategically built to last.

The result is a world-class website that’s beautiful, engaging, and easy to use. Our unique design elements and engaging visuals provide Sojern with a robust business tool that’s built to last and grow with their business.

We’re so grateful for the Sojern team’s trust in us and their respect for our design and development process. This was indeed a match made in MVP heaven!